Solar Energy Foltovoltaica


The installation of solar panels on deck or ground are the main product that offers Energy, Innovation and Photovoltaic Development
to companies, industrial buildings and other businesses, who wish to obtain a return on their roofs or land through solar energy for
photovoltaic self-consumption, producing and consuming their own energy. We develop comprehensive solar photovoltaic projects
achieving savings on your electricity bill between 40-60%.
In addition to self-consumption, OPTIMA Building Service also develops photovoltaic above ground generation plants for the sale of energy to the grid.

Why Optima BS?


    We advise you at no cost before, during and after your purchase decision.


    We only install top quality components, and we also take care of everything like paperwork or grants.

  • The customers comes first

    You are our reason for being and throughout the process we focus on making it easy for you.


Professional Advice

We inform you of everything you need to know to install a new solar plant.

Technical Visit

Measurements and invoice data collection: power (kW), consumption (kWh) and rates (€/kWh).

Personalized study

We analyze the installation you need to obtain maximum self-consumption and profitability.

Energy production simulation

We make a simulation of production and consumption (kWh) for 25 years

Subsidies and tax subsidies

We advise you on existing subsidies and tax breaks.

Installation PV plant

By our qualified technicians, with the highest guarantees of quality and safety.

Legalization PV plant

We take care of all legal procedures before the Administration and the electricity companies.

Remote monitoring

You can monitor through an App the photovoltaic production and see the energy consumed/poured.