At Optima Building Service we know that the maintenance of facilities means extending their useful life beyond their amortization period, avoiding their deterioration and prolonging the value of the asset.

Our Objectives:
  • Reduce and/or streamline your maintenance costs.
  • Reduce your energy consumption costs.
  • Improve the operation of your facilities by reducing the number and frequency of incidents and breakdowns.
  • Keep the legal maintenance of your facilities in order.
  • Put maintenance management in the hands of experts and be able to report incidents 24/7.
  • Concentrate on your activity and that the maintenance of your facilities stops being a “permanent headache”.
Our Services:
  • Inventory and management of equipment and facilities.
  • Maintenance audits and improvement projects.
  • Centralized maintenance of facilities (Preventive, Corrective, Conductive and Legal).
  • Management of the maintenance of the facilities on behalf of the client.
  • Legalization of Facilities

Comprehensive and Specialized Maintenance

Optima Building Service® provides all services in all areas of maintenance. For this, it has specialized divisions in the different areas in addition to undertaking other services and/or general and specific maintenance.

Online maintenance management

We manage the maintenance of equipment and facilities through a computer system that allows us to:

  • Control incidents and breakdowns by preparing a complete history of each piece of equipment and/or installation.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance checks and tasks.
  • Schedule corrective maintenance notices.
  • Control the stocks and spare parts necessary for each piece of equipment and/or installation.
  • Generate and track work orders for field technicians online.
  • Give our clients access to the online documentation of their equipment.