Engineering Services

engineering services

At Optima Building Service we provide a high-quality integrated engineering service, complete and coordinated with the rest of the agents involved in the project and throughout the life cycle of the buildings.
We highlight the following services:

  • General technical advice on installations.
  • Study of energy efficiency and sustainability of the building.
  • Energy certifications.
  • Technical-economic feasibility studies.
  • Technical control and quality control of projects and works.
  • Design, development and calculation of installation projects.
  • Technical direction of facilities and technical assistance to the work.
  • Evaluation of operation and commissioning of facilities.
  • Sustainability and facilities maintenance engineering.
  • Post-construction management.

Optimal Design Standard

An optimal design of the facilities ensures the sustainability of the building and guarantees a minimum and adjusted energy consumption throughout its life cycle. For this reason, we are committed to the use of state-of-the-art tools in the design of our facilities, through modeling with BIM technology , for energy and use optimization.


The use of Revit-MEP ensures a greater understanding of the design, resolution of interferences in phases prior to execution, coordination with other disciplines and therefore reduction of deadlines during construction.
As an information base, the levels of development (LOD: Level of Development) and their correspondence with the phases of the project in Spain are:

  • LOD 100 : Draft.
  • LOD 200 : Basic Project.
  • LOD 300-400 : Execution Project.
  • LOD 500 : Documentation as-built and oriented to use in the operation of the building.

Our design does not end with the delivery of the technical and graphic documentation of the Project, nor when the work is finished. From Optima Building Service SL we design taking into account the most important phases in the building: its operation, the use given by the people who inhabit it, and its maintenance.


With the BIM model, an agile and visual tool is obtained for management throughout the life cycle of the building and its facilities.

The advantages we offer:

  • Virtual building with updated information on the interventions carried out.
  • Database with technical information and equipment characteristics, history of maintenance and repairs carried out, etc.
  • Comprehensive management of preventive maintenance, regardless of the change of maintenance company.
  • Integration with the building’s BMS.